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DAC out range

Question asked by Fred.MG on Jun 25, 2015
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Regarding the DAC output range of ADuCM350.

By the device datasheet, it specifies that the output range of DAC is -0.6V ~ +0.6V as seen by sensor.

And by the user guide (UG-587), the DAC out range is 0.5V to ~1.7V based on VBIAS 1.1V (1.1V +/- 0.6V).

I think this range is because it is related to interal TIA's VBIAS(1.1V) of ADuCM350.


What I want to know is if it is possible to output the DAC range of ‘0V ~0.6V’ based on ground level (0V), not VBIAS 1.1V.

Simply, I want to use the DAC as independent DAC like standard DAC (not related to internal TIA).

The purpose is that I want to use the DAC as the bias source(0.2V~0.5V) of the discrete Op-Amp (positive terminal) for glucose meter application. At this time, the ADC part of ADuCM350 is used to measure the analog signals (output of Op-Amp) via AN_A, AN_B…etc.

And, if the DAC output range of 0~0.6V is possible, what is the configuration(setting) of P and N switch?

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