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layout review having video decoder ADV7181C and Difference amplifier ADA4830-2

Question asked by nikhil.rastogi on Jun 25, 2015
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I am having a layout from one of my customer having parts ADV7181C and Difference amplifier ADA4830-2.

Customer is violating some recommendation related to placement of ADV7181C relative to graphics VGA connector in this.


Please advise how to proceed the layout to review it, so that I can share it. 




I am sharing below the difference what is the recommendation and what customer implemented in this design-  


Implemented: Customer has taken care the routing in such a way that there is no
crosstalk chance & we are meeting 75 ohm.
Current trace length is just below 3 inches.



It is extremely important to use the following layout techniques on the graphics inputs. The trace length running into the graphics inputs should be minimized. This is accomplished by placing the ADV7181C as close as possible to the graphics VGA connector. Long input trace lengths are undesirable because they pick up more noise from the
board and other external sources.