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Viewing the sine waveform from on AFE8

Question asked by mathewsmjohn1992 on Jun 24, 2015
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by capitano88

I am using the ucm350 Eval board along with IAR to run some of the example codes. I am currently running theImpedanceMeasurement_4WireBioIsolated workspace. With IAR, I am able to see that the registers are set properly. I am trying to understand the 4 wire bio config 2 daughter board. Going through the documentation, I understood that AFE 8 produces the waveform and sends it to the daughter board. If I am not mistaken the signal then goes through LK8 (I am using TP10 as ground). I hooked up an oscilloscope to this point and all I am getting is a DC value of around 1.6 V. I am unable to see the sine wave generated and wanted to know if someone could help me with this.