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SDP-B not connecting with daughter board powered

Question asked by sdonaldson on Jun 24, 2015
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I'm working off of CN-0349, Fully Isolated Conductivity Measurement Data Acquisition System.…


The required parts for the CN are as follows:

  • SDP-B Board PN EVAL-SDP-CB1Z (Received Rev 1.3, BOM Rev 1.7)
  • Interposer board SDP-I-PMOD,  PN SDP-PMD-IB1Z) - This is the daughter board
  • 6V wall wart power supply, came with the Interposer board
  • EVAL-CN0349-PMDZ. - Attaches the the daughter board via 4-wire harness


I have installed the software for the CN0349 from the site above, along with the drivers for the SDP-B.  When I plug in the SDP-B alone, The PC finds it and loads the driver just fine (as shown in device manager). This is regardless of if I have the daughter board connected or not.  I get the message on the Hardware Select screen in software "AN SDP system was found, but the daughter board was not detected.  check the daughter board is attached to a compatible SDP, reset the SDP if attaching daughter board, or Cancel to abort."


When I apply power to the daughter board, I loose all communication.  The PC does not recognize it as being plugged in.  Green LEDs on all 3 boards are ON.  Pressing the RESET button does not help.  The Hardware Select screen in the software stays on the screen "No matching systems found.  Please ensure the board is attached correctly or press Cancel to abort."  No surprise by this message as it doesn't show up in the Device Manager.


I have tried plugging in the power first then USB, USB first then power, holding down the reset while inserting either power or USB.


I'm not sure what I did, but I was able to get it to work once with the daughter board and CN0349 board attached and got the following info from the SDP Revision page:

SDP Board Firmware Revision:

Major Rev 0

Minor Rev 1

Host Code Rev 1243

BF Code Rev 396

Date Mar 27 2014

Time 12:00:04


Has anybody else had the problem that the PC looses the SDP-B when the daughter board is powered?