ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x Linkport Example code

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      Please see the attached example code which allows the link port to be tested on the ADSP-SC589 EZ-KIT. The setup requires the ADSP-SC589 EZ-KIT and the EI3 Probing adapter.


The attached code configures the link ports in DMA stop mode and transfers a buffer of size 1024 between the two link ports. After the transfer is completed the received data is compared against the transmitted one and a LED is toggled to indicate the Pass(LED11) or Fail(LED12) condition. The connection.txt in the attached zip file shows the connection between the link port signals in the connectors.


This code should work with any of the CCES 2.0.0 build. In case you get any build issues, I would suggest you to create a new project under the CCES version you have and use all the source files provided here. The project with the Core 0 correspond to ARM core and the one with the Core 1 correspond to SHARC+ core on the ADSP-SC589 processor.


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