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JTAG connector options

Question asked by ChristianH on Jun 24, 2015
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normally we are using the HPUSB-ICE emulator for debugging SHARC DSPs together with VisualDSP++.

On a new PCB we have some size limitations. I'm wondering if I could use a smaller connector on the target board.


I'm thinking of making an adapter cable or board from the 14pin connector on the HPUSB-ICE cable to a small connector (8/10pins, SMT).

I've seen through the EE-68 but found no final answer on limitations or considerations when going that way.


The ICE-1000 has a smaller (still not really small) connector using 10 pins (J2 connector).

But the ICE-1000 is mechanical to big to be able to connect to a target board connector.


Any ideas or tips for me?