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zedboard alike platform + 9361+custom IP

Question asked by Nauman on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by rejeesh

I have followed up the link for adding custom IP in the link.

I want to use No OS driver to make a flexible SDR which has baseband as an IP attached with the ARM on AXI or FIFO.

I have been able to synthesis the fmcomms2 design with all its IPs. 


The queries are following.


1: If i use FIFOs in front of my Baseband to pump I/Qs to the axi_9361 IP, than the software driver will stay the same? I will be able to access the configuration registers and control state of transceiver?


2: d2.jpg

what is the ADC_ADDRESS here? as if this is a normal FIFO than it will just have the width and depth not addresses. same as for the DAC FIFO.



what are these addresses and where are they used?


the over all picture i believe for my design using ad9361 fmcomms2 is as in this figure..



please guide me in this..