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fmcomms1 onboard 50MHz oscillator as clock reference for ad9548

Question asked by Intec_H on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by charlyelkhoury


hi everyone,


I'm building a transceiver for high-data rate communication using Kintex 7 (kc705) and fmcomms1 board.

The clock generate by FPGA has too much phase noise for my design and i want to switch to the onboard 50MHz oscillator.


In the AD9548_cfg.h, there is only one reference clock of 30MHz from FPGA.




struct ad9548_reference_spec ad9548_references[] =


    { //Ref A

        0,          //ref_num

       30000000,   //ref_freq

        0,          //power_down_en

        0x00,       //logic_family

        1,          //manual_profile_en

        0,          //manual_profile




Can anyone help me configure the register for AD9548 in C code?



thanks a lot.