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Single frequency points measurements

Question asked by Shehzad on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by mcee

Hi Everyone,


I'm trying to measure a complex impedance from a frequency range of 10Hz up to 1KHz with 1Hz resolution. I've a programmable MCLK source. I have the following issues:

1. How could I correctly measure impedance at a single frequency? Currently I'm measuring with a desired Start frequency and using frequency_increment = 0, and number_of_increments = 0. Is this correct?

2. For the desired frequency output, I'm calculating MCLK by using the formula:

                             MCLK = Output_freq * 16 * 1024 / Number_of_settling_time_cycles

    Is this formula correct? (I have found it out here:

3. While observing the excitation output, I observe spikes at each frequency sweep time instant. i.e. whenever a frequency sweep is initiated by the command, a spike is observed in the output which is causing erroneous impedance results.

4. Is there any optimum criteria for determining the number of settling time cycles?

Please help!

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