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ADC input range into ADC Mux (AN_A, AN_B...)

Question asked by Fred.MG on Jun 23, 2015
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Regarding ADC input range of ADuCM350, ADC input ragne is 0.35V ~ 1.85V by ADC specification. And also, it describes that 'The ADC channel is optimized for an input voltage range of 0.35 V to 1.85 V, which is consistent with the output range of TIA.' in the ADC measuement part of UG-587.

By  description of UG-587 above, input voltage range of 0.35V to 1.85V is optimized consisent with the output range of TIA.

Here, I'd like to know if it is possible to measure input voltage range 0.35V or below (for example, how about 0.2v ~0.35V range?).

By my test, I could get the result about input range 0.35V or below, and there was a little linearity.

But, because there is no related specification about that range anywhere of your documents, I want to know if you can describe about this in detail. - whether it is possible to meausere that input range (0.35V or below), how accurate, if you can provide the brief characteristics or specifications about the input range of 0.35V or below (for example, 0.2~0.35V...or 0V~0.35V...and so on)..etc.


Thank you.