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AD9361 current consumption per power net

Question asked by Davey on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by gh2100

The datasheet provides combined current consumption for VDD1P3_DIG and VDDAx (Combination of All 1.3V Supplies).


Could this be broken down into approximate current draw per power nets?  We are planning for separate LDOs per the users guide, but I want to ensure they are sized adequately but not excessively.



UG-673 page 116:


For the best performance, in the FDD mode, VDDA1P3_RX_SYNTH, VDDA1P3_TX_SYNTH, VDDA1P3_RX_LO, VDDA1P3_RX_VCO_LDO, VDDA1P3_TX_LO, VDDA1P3_TX_VCO_LDO can be powered up with a separate low noise LDO. This will also help in mitigating effects of transients on the 1.3 V analog supply. The evaluation board uses this power design.