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ADXL362 MISO line always high

Question asked by kazola on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by kazola

Good morning,


I have my MCU correctly connected to ADXL362. I can send SPI orders and I can see them in my logic analyzer. I'm trying to read an "AD" (standing for Analog Devices) by reading (0x0B) register 0


However, the line MISO of the SPI interface of the ADXL362 breakout board I have wired is always high, so my responses are always 0xFF.


I'm wiring this with color wires. I have read some posts which state I may be needing 150 ohm resistors if my wires are long. I have tried but no luck. I have also tried performing a soft reset before any other command. No luck.


My CLK line is visible and working and low when inactive. MOSI orders are visible. The Chip Select is active low. Everything is as indicated in the datasheet.


So, any initial clue of what may I be doing wrong? The only thing I have not wired are the two INT outputs which I do not need by now. I assume the breakout board does not need any external component.


Please let me know, I will try to attach a logic analyzer screenshot soon.