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Question asked by DerekGW on Jun 22, 2015
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We are currently looking for 2 temperature sensors to be implemented into a test rig we are currently building. The rig itself will hold both sensors and we would be looking to hopefully incorporate one of the sensors into our current production line.


Sensor #1.

An ambient temperature sensor to give a temperature reading of the current room temperature so the range of this sensor can be small and probably more aligned to the lower end of the temperature scale (Factory setting) (also we're based in Scotland so anything over 25C is very unlikely ).


The connectivity should be analogue and be able to be connected directly to a NI cDAQ analogue input.


Can you give any possible scaling information on the specified sensor?


Sensor #2.

This sensor is less straight forward. Basically we are looking for something which will allow us to measure various surface temperatures of various components, some of which may be rotating. My first thought automatically relates to an infrared device. It would need to be available to be moved for position to position with no major problems. Another thought was we might fit a permanent magnet to he cable end of the sensor to allow it to be measured and pointed at whatever we need, though this may not be possible.


Likewise connectivity to an analogue input would be the preferred means of connection but as this would be solely used in a test device I would be willing to look at any options if they provide any particular benefits.


Thank You for your help