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ADXL326 Connectivity

Question asked by DerekGW on Jun 22, 2015
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Having already emailed a query (Case#: E15FV02344), I was asked to apply my question into this forum.


My original query was to ascertain the correct sensor for my application, but on further investigation I feel I may have found the right device.


My company is looking for a cost effective vibration sensor. (initially to be placed in a High speed rotation test rig) to then hopefully be moved into a mass produced product. My question though relates to the initial test rig application.


To read and evaluate the sensor information we are planning at the moment to use an NI cDAQ device to connect the sensor to LabView software.


My main question is will I be able to connect the sensor directly out of the box to an analogue input on a cDAQ device?

NI 9381 - National Instruments


NI also manufacture specific accelerometer cDAQ modules... Is this really neccesary as i'd assume the analogue input would be sufficient for this device.


I'd also like to doube check the scale to expect for this device? Is it full scale whereby 3.3V equates to positive 16g, 1.65V is 0g and 0V is minus 16g?


As much information you can provide on this device would be great.