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Any USB device example in CrossCore without RTOS?

Question asked by penguin007 on Jun 22, 2015
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does anyone have or know any USB device example or USB Stack (if possible) in CrossCore without RTOS?


I am looking for a relatively not expensive bare-metal solution. I just don't know why ADI does neither provide any bare-metal example in CCES, nor USB API documentation. All I can find about USB docu is the "ADSP-BF70x SSDD API Reference Manual". I take it as granted for reference for the BF52x DSP according to a post. The docu's information is very limited. There is no description about what are other functions, how to use and in which order to use them, and so on.


Micrium OS III and USB-Stack licenses are expensive and unuseful for my company. Please do NOT suggest or try to persuade us to buy RTOS and USB-Stack. Thanks!