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ADAU1772 configuration for ANC

Question asked by sivashanmugam on Jun 22, 2015
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We are using ADAU1772 in our design for ANC. We have got Evaluation board and trying out the ANC from sigma studio.


Below are our setup:

  • EVAL-ADAU1772Z board
  • Headphone with MIC input (seperate jack for MIC & HP) connected to AIN0 as MIC Input
  • Headphone with MIC input (seperate jack for MIC & HP) connected to AIN1 as MIC Input
  • Audio played using Smart phone connected to Eval board using AUX cable connected to AIN2 for LINE IN
  • HP connected to Stereo O/P on J23 for hearing audio

With the above setup and following the basic filtering mechanism suggested on the below link

we are able to hear audio, but not able to see ambient noise getting filtered. Looks like MIC input path on AIN0 / AIN1 is not working.

We tested basic AIN0 / AIN1 path by connecting MIC in AIN0 / AIN1 and build AIN0 to OUT0 and AIN1 to OUT1 in schematics. With this also, we are not able to hear from MIC on OUT0/1.

We tried enabling PGA0 Enable, PGA1 Enable, MIC0 Bias, MIC1 Bias, set MAX PGA gains & unmuted and enabled ADC0 in PGA/ADC tab.

Could you please help in validating the setup and let me know, any specific configuration needed for enabling MIC path?

Attached project file for reference.

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