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ADAS1000 - Lead-off detection problem

Question asked by shengwuei on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by Padraic



I am evaluating the lead-off detection function of ADAS1000 by using the EVM(ADAS1000SDZ).



First, try DC lead-off function, setting as below,

result : correctly detects the lead-off status of LA, LL and RA, but RL always shows detected(the yellow circle below), not reflecting the real status of lead contact of RL.



Then, try AC lead-off function, setting as below,

result : seems the green/red light does not working in AC mode, so I check the waveform of the left LA/LL/RA diagrams. The waveform really reflect my finger contact on the leads, but looks like LA/LL/RA waveform are the same waveform. For example, if I remove my finger from LA, all LA/LL/RA waveform changes at the same time, like the below figure.



Any comment on this ? Thanks.