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video soc cameras and V4L2 status?

Question asked by Gilles on Apr 5, 2011
Latest reply on May 4, 2011 by hackfin



I have been asked to add a camera to a BF537 EZKit board and I am very confused about the state of things. I really could use some help.


I've looked at the surveillor project which basically connected a OV7725 to the PPI port and I2C. So far so good, seems pretty straight forward.


Where I am confused is in the software arena. I updated to the trunk of uclinux and apparently, the latest and greatest - which would seem like the way to go - is SoC cameras. However I notice that the kernel already has "Blackfin camera driver" which I understand works with a slightly different hardware than the surveillor but basically the same concept.


Anyway my questions, source of my confusion are:


Apparently "Blackfin camera driver" is an old V4L version of the newer "SoC camera support" ?

If V4L1 is "DEPRECATED" then does this mean I should be writing my own SoC support for PPI?


I guess my job is to port a SoC driver to support PPI wiring but I have a hard time thinking I am THE ONLY ONE that has had this need. Aren't there any current projects for doing this???


Anyone who knows anything about that could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate greatly.