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Problem writing data to external ASYNC bus w/ BF537

Question asked by MattZ on Apr 4, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2011 by MattZ

Hi All,


We have a board that uses external flash memmory on the ASYNC bus with a BF537 processor. Everything has run with no problems for some time. Unfortunately, the external flash is no longer available. So we've built a new revision of the board with a new flash chip. And of course the new flash has a new vendor driver for reading and writing. Everything seems straight forward enough, except I've been unable to write commands to the new flash. I've tried making a simple test program and my program freezes at:


*(T_UINT16 *) 0x20005555 = 0x00AA;     // 1st write data 0x00AA to device addr 5555H


I've loaded my program via the USB-ICE and can step through break points. When I get to the first write to external memory, I can't step any further.


My problem seems to be with writing to the ASYNC bus. I don't quite undrestand this since the last revision of board used that bus (with the same base address) without a problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?


thanks in advance