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ADAU1701 Setting up a serial output with SigmaStudio?

Question asked by MCastany on Jun 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2015 by jon71

Hi guys,


I want to create a serial output from the ADAU1701 to drive an S/PDIF Transmitter, but I have some doubts. The ADAU1701 will be working as the Master at 192KHz.

I thought that digital data just needed ONE data line, and LRCLK was used to determinate if the data was from the L or R channel, but in the ADAU1701 datasheet seems that it doesn't work that way. ("The flexible serial data input and output ports of the ADAU1701 can be set to accept or transmit data in 2-channel format (...)", Rev. B Page 45)

As I want to create a mono output, will I just need one of the MPx pins (MP6 to MP9), which I set up in SigmaStudio as the corresponding Digital Output? Could this create any conflict in the receiver, as there will be just the L data?


The LRCLK and BCLK will be generated automatically on MP10 and MP11 or they must be configured using SigmaStudio?


Thank you very much,