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no-os software for adv7511 problem

Question asked by bereza on Jun 19, 2015
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I set up a video passtrough using the adv7511 on a VC707 board. A laptop transmits a signal trough hdmi to a digilent hdmi receiver card for FMC. A vdma is used for the memory transfers. The behaviour is the following: while the no-os software is in the while loop of the main function, the output of the adv7511 is scattered. (see picture 1)


When leaving the loop, (e.g. by terminating the software) the passtrough works perfectly fine. (see picture 2) I use a resolution of 1920x1080. Also I have verified that the output should work. I am able to display the example picture when vdma is not running.


I suppose the problem is somewhere in ADIAPI_TransmitterMain(), but I am not able take a look into the library functions to see what is going on. Do you have any suggestions, what could be wrong?


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code, which causes the problem:




        if (ATV_GetElapsedMs (StartCount, NULL) >= HDMI_CALL_INTERVAL_MS)


            StartCount = HAL_GetCurrentMsCount();

            if (APP_DriverEnabled())








Picture 1:



Picture 2: