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Confusion about timing and changing ad9361 into CMOS fdd dual port full duplex 2r1t mode

Question asked by zxu on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by zxu

Hi everyone:

     I'm using the no-os master software to configure the ad9361 and I successfully use it in CMOS fdd dual port full duplex 1r1t mode.and I want to change into 2rx1tx mode. Because of the success of the former mode , I think the control path to ad9361 is completely correct and the probelm is focused on the software parameter part. I changed the software parameter 2rx_2tx_mode_enable to the picture below. Is that correct if I just change this parameter. However I have capture the data and frame from chipscope on the path like the picture below. I find that that is not same like the document said that in a frame there will be 4 data: I1 Q1 I2 Q2 but just two data of a frame pulse. I have check the clock frequceny with oscilloscope and find the clock frequceny is 61.44MHz and rx_frame frequceny is 30.72Mhz. So the clk and frame is exactly like the document said but the data format is not correct.My question is how to change it into 2rx 2tx mode?just to change parameter? Thanks very much for your advice !


p.s I'm also so confusion that I find the signal on tx channel but not rx is my init parameters  receive data.PNGsoftware.PNGsoftware2.PNG