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How to use a Sigma Processor in a product

Question asked by J_Rucker_00 on Jun 18, 2015
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I recently emailed technical support and they asked that I post my inquiry on the forum:


Inquiry Description:



My name is Justin and I'm new to the DSP world. My expertise is analog audio electronics, so digital development is very new to our company.


We have the ADAU1446 evaluation kit and have learned how to do some cool stuff with it. We have a product in development with some DSP involved. I have just about finished with a Sigma Studio design that we really like. We are now moving to the prototyping phase of this project and need some guidance on how to move forward.


My general question is how can I take the Sigma Studio file I have generated and develop it into an actual standalone circuit? We have no idea how to use this chip outside of the evaluation kit (programming, initialization, clocks, interfacing, etc).


Specifically, we are looking to create a very basic daughter board that we can simply insert in an analog signal path. Here are the input and outputs


1) Inputs: Power, GND, analog signal in

2) Output: Analog signal out

3) There will be one external switch to control the intensity of the effect


We are still researching and listening to different codecs, but the processor will need to interface with that as well.


Does Analog Devices consult in product development? If not, are there any resources (consultants, sample circuits, etc.) that you can point us toward to help us develop this product? We would really like to move forward with this chip, but are not sure where to begin or how to do so.


We appreciate any help that you can give us. Thank you.