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How to connect multiple SDRAMs?

Question asked by rk1980 on Apr 4, 2011



I've the following question because the HRM and the EE-286 seems not to be really helpful to me.

I've a ADSP-21371 and I want to connect two 16bit-wide SDRAMs with 256MBits each (512 column addressing) in parallel to form a 32bit wide SDRAM bank with 512MBit memory in total. How do I have to do the hardware connections for the address lines?

In the HRM there are only examples for 1K and 2K column addressing. Is the scheme for the 512 column addressing the same (do not connect A[0] of the DSP, connect SDA10 to A[10], A[17]/A[18] to BA[0]/BA[1])?