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write and read HMC6000LP711E serial interface

Question asked by lingyun on Jun 18, 2015
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I am following the datasheet of HMC6000LP711E to write and read to the serial interface. The signals I write to the register is captured by oscilloscope and shown in the attachment. The red line is the Enable signal and the blue line is Data. The clock frequency is 10 MHz. But when I scan out the data I just wrote to registers, it is different from original data. The scanned out data is shown as well. The first three clock periods are captured for both writing and reading.

Is there anything wrong with my writing operation from this time diagram? I did follow the instructions that to keep data stable for at least 2 ns.

In reading a row of serial interface, why there were data scanned out even when the register address was not written to the chip?


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