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HMC834 SPI daisy chain support

Question asked by MartyMcConnell on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by MartyMcConnell

Does the HMC834PL6GE's SPI bus support daisy chaining multiple devices?  Or are they only capable of hanging in parallel on the same data I/O lines?  It's not clear from the datasheet what happens to the SDO upon a write cycle in open mode. The PLL+VCO FAQ 20140919 app note talks about multiple devices, and says that the SDO is driven as data is clocked in but to avoid bus contention by unmatching a device with a dummy address, which indicates to me that they intend for all devices hang on the data lines in parallel with one SEN for all devices.  Can they be serially connected? Then as the data propagates through the chain, enable the SEN for the appropriate device and the others won't act upon it. Will that work?