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ADV212: No data output

Question asked by Ilovefeia on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by DaveD

My ADV212 is set as follows:


address;0x57f00,data = 0x04000503

address:0x57f04,data = 0x03000000;

address:0x57f08,data = 0x02000500;

address:0x57f0c,data = 0x00000002;


address:0xFFFF0400,data = 0x0005;

address:0xFFFF040C,data = 0x0640;

address:0xFFFF0410,data = 0x020D;

address:0xFFFF0414,data = 0x0001;

address:0xFFFF0418,data = 0x0000;

address:0xFFFF041C,data = 0x002E;

address:0xFFFF0420,data = 0x0000;

address:0xFFFF0424,data = 0x020D;

address:0xFFFF0428,data = 0x0000;

address:0xFFFF042C,data = 0x0001;

address:0xFFFF0430,data = 0x0500;

address:0xFFFF0448,data = 0x0030;//VCLK(LLC) active edge: falling edge

address:0xFFFF044C,data = 0x0002;//for video input with embedded timing codes

address:0xFFFF1408,data = 0x0012;

address:0xFFFF141C,data = 0x0008;


The former device is ADV7182. Its output data to ADV212 is 8-bit ITU656 standard video, with 27 MHz VCLK. Here is the waveform of one output data pin of ADV7182, and it is a little weird. I am not sure whether it is the reason.


Also a waveform from chipscope, it shows that the firmware has been download to ADV212:


However, the DREQ signal is never asserted. Could anyone help me?