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BF537 - Getting boot code from PC to SPI through UART Bootmode

Question asked by DennisG10 on Apr 4, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2011 by DennisG10

All of the example discussions that I have found regarding booting involve the Ez-Kit circuitry. While I know you can't address everyone's custom configurations, mine is pretty simple and might be representative of others' situations...


My board has a BF537 with External SRAM and SPI Flash on it. I want want my application to boot from the SPI flash, however, the chip is mounted on the board and currently empty of boot code. I need to somehow load the application from the PC into the BF (UART boot mode) then transfer that app into the SPI flash so that BMODE jumpers can then be set to subsequently boot the app from the SPI.


I have VisualDSP++ 5.0 for development. I understand that it does not support loading the ldr from UART. So I have ldrViewer for that. I have the board connected to my PC serial port and ldrViewer can 'see' it (as verified by the TEST PORT and the autobaud button returns the verification from the BF).


Couple of questions regarding doing all this:


1. As I understand it, I need an HWAIT signal from the BF to serve as a CTS to ldrViewer. I cannot find any data on how to select which GPIO pin BF will use for this. Can you clarify so I can tie the appropriate pin to a pull-down resistor and configure the ldr file appropriately?

2. Is there any example code (or instructional discussions) available that addresses the kind of two-stage program loading (i.e. getting the end-application ldr code from the PC to the SPI) in a configuration such as mine?




Dennis G