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Internal flash memory access with Timers enabled on pin PG13 and PG14?

Question asked by mauri1106 on Apr 4, 2011
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     in my application I use  BF518F DSP and I want to use only internal flash memory to store code and data.

I need to use TMR0 and TMR1 also, to generate 2 differents PWM patterns on the respective output pins.

In my Hardware configuration i must use PG13 and PG14 for Timers, but my doubt is that these pin are shared with SPI0 (used for internal Flash Memory).

Note that I don't need to use SPI0 for other purpose except to access internal flash memory.

Are there some problem with this configuration?

Can I use PG13 and PG14 for Timers without compromise Internal Flash Memory read/write access?

Thanks a lot for your help