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Student need help with AD9548

Question asked by Yogev on Jun 18, 2015


I'm using AD9548 with the user guide sample :

  1. 50 MHz system cloak
  2. 19.44 MHz refA
  3. Proflie 0
  4. 161.1328125 MHz output

*attached files of both profile and setup.

I have a problem that even after 5-10min of runing in free run mode the "Phase lock" and "Frequency lock" check boxes in the status window  and the Tuning word history are still empty, on the spectrum analyzer the frequnecy is tight (to 1k Hz).

Another problem is that after burning the EEPROM and reseting the board it doesnt do the "Sync distribution" function.


Attached profile 0,setup file and picture of the status window.