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VSP_1.90.2REL Compilation Notes?

Question asked by ChrisInSeoul on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2015 by Poornima

We just received the vsp 1.90.2 release firmware.  I usually to start off this kind of project by building the same firmware that is distributed with the eval board, just to make sure I've got everything right.  But I've been scouring through the documentation to find build instructions without much success.  I've found the cmakelists.txt file(s), and basically understand what's going on.  But I have no idea what parameters to pass to build the eval board code.  I saw some similar inquiries on these forums, but they are unanswered. 

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Latest Post: we will review your log files and get back you


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Lated Post:      We will be providing you with the VSP 1.90Rel package which contains documentation for project configuration with Visual DSP++.

Thanks, I look forward to the release.


On my previous ADV7623 project, the basic compile time options were described in this document:

"DVP_Repeater_Driver_Specifications_1_8, secion 6.4 Compilation Switches".  I've searched the corresponding document(s) for this release, and can't find a similar section.


I would like to receive a sample command line for running cmake to build the eval board firmware.