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I have a major setback for this analog devices called as AD9635, High Speed converter evaluation platform. How do i collect raw data from the Data capture board?

Question asked by GreatHus1989 on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by DougI

HI People,


               The High speed converter evaluation platform, bought by my external supervisor has been pass on to me to find out how to get the raw data. The data from what i get is processed by data capture board, using the Microsoft excel, i find out that the sine wave computed by the data is not a continuation of sine wave but rather in between there is a cut of data.


Another setback that i encounter is the data is not a complete set, there will be a few sets of data that will be missing, during the processing time of the data capture board. Kindly advice me on how i can get the complete data, what can i possibly do to get hold of the complete data. Your help is kindly appreciated, as i cannot progress any further due to the setbacks i m facing.