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Custom Blocks in Sigma Studio?

Question asked by mtbrider405 on Apr 1, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2011 by mtbrider405

Hey guys, I have searched the forum and cannot find anything about building custom blocks in SS.  I was just wondering if there was any plan to impalement this in the future? 


For example, if I design a complex logic structure with basic logic blocks and it has 3 inputs and 3 outputs,  I want to be able to select all block in the logic structure and "bundle" them into one block with 3 in's and 3 out's, title it, save it, and so forth. 


This is would virtually be the same as a subVI in LabView, if you are familiar with that at all.


This would really help clean up code and it would be awesome to have a custom user library of blocks built by us, based on the current set of lower level blocks.


What do you think?