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Packet Mode of ADF7023

Question asked by JayRocks on Apr 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2011 by SteveH


I would like to ask about the Packet Mode of ADF7023.

My  aim is to transmit voice. The voice will be converted into a signal  using a Microphone and then I will use an ADC to have a digital stream  of bits. With this digital stream, which will be the input of the  transceiver (working as transmitter), I would like to transmit it via  radio with ADF7023 and, on the other side, I want to receive this signal  with a receiver (also a ADF7023).

In order to do that, I am planning to use the Packet Mode (*) of ADF7023

My first question is:

Is it possible to use packet mode to transmit real time data (voice)? If yes, which pin should I use to input the data?

I  know there is a Packet Ram, that can be configured from the SW of  ADF7023 but it seems that it is only possible to write data manually.

(*) I have chosen Packet Mode instead of Sport Mode because I need to  configure the receiver to qualify packets based on address match (I need  to communicate with more than one receiver), and reading the datasheet  my impression is that I can only use the option "address match" if I use  packet mode.

My second question is:

Am I wrong?

Is it also possible to configure the receiver to qualify packets based on address match with SPORT MODE?



I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you very much in advance.