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Linear regulator models?

Question asked by pikafu on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by Jeff.Weaver

I also posted this question here: Where are the linear regulators in ADIsimPE?


I am interested in simulating some linear regulators including the ADM7154, ADM7150, ADP7182, and ADP1740/1741. So off I went and downloaded the linear regulator excel spreadsheet tool. I am impressed by its capabilities. But it doesn't show any plots of efficiency, PSRR, ripple, or temperature.


@So then I downloaded ADEsimPE and tried to simulate it myself. I had no luck finding the SIMPLIS or SIMetrix model for any of the above parts.


Then I read in the ADEsimPE user's guide that I should be able to click a single button and have my design exported to ADEsimPE. But I could not find this button in the spreadsheet. So dead end there.


Ironically, there are linear regulators from LTI.


Why can't I find any linear regulator models in ADEsimPE? Am I just being dumb and looking in the wrong place?


Thanks for your time.