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differential amplifier common mode output

Question asked by saravadhamu on Mar 31, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2011 by charlyelkhoury

Dear sir,
We are using ADA4927-1 device for our application. In our application input to ADA4927-1 is form a sensor having 
output in Differential mode. we want an output from ADA4927-1 in common mode configuration. we have gone through 
the AN-584 APPLICATION NOTE and we uderstand that we need to give input to PIN No. 2 VOCM form a potential divider.
we request you to give the information  how to take output from ADA4927-1 in common mode ( ie What to do for one of the unused 
pin No. 10 or 11 of ADA4927-1) and potential divider voltage to be  given to Pin. No. 2 of the Ada4927-1 for getting the common mode output.


please do the needful to me....