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What have i missed, cant run code on bf516f

Question asked by kentatmotion on Mar 31, 2011
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I must have missed something or what? Im using a custom board with bf516f, and sdram on 8MB(same a bf518f ez brd but 8MB instead of 64MB), a external SPI flash M25P80 on the spi0 (sel2). No external parallell flash.


I have big problems getting my programs to run on the dsp. I have tried booting from uart0 and i get small programs to work, ex blinking with leds and do things with the leds and a pushbutton etc. But when i try larger programs nothing happens, looks lite main isent running or something. (linker error??). Have tried uboot but it is written for the bf518f ezbrd so. Have tried using the bf518ezbrd with uboot and put the program code on another external spi flash and then connected this flash to the customboard and try the external spi flash bootmode but nothing happens. I have the gnICE+ jtag but that dosent seem to work with other then a external parallel flash.


The bf516f that im using is a sample and do i need to do som settings or so? And if how do i do these settings? Shouldent the bf516 just detect and boot from the external spi flash when put in that bootmode. I really have the feeling that i have missed something very important.


Its the first time im using blackfin, if you havent notised. =)



//thx Kent