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Running 1442 EVAL Board in Selfboot, Did I Miss Something?

Question asked by mtbrider405 on Mar 30, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2011 by BrettG

Ok, I bought the 1442 EVAL board with the intention of building up a program and eventually running it on that board WITHOUT being tethered to the computer.  Is this not possible?  Did I miss something?


I thought that was the whole point of "selfboot" is that it would just boot up on power up and begin running the program that was written to the eprom. In other words running "standalone".


Can someone please explain if this is possible and how to do it. I have searched through the forum, but couldn't find a clear answer or exact steps of how to do it.  


I have a program buildt in SS and I link/compile/download it and it runs, but I need to be able to unplug the USBi interface and have that program run on power up from that point on.


Thanks to anyone that can help!