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No-OS design on a SD card

Question asked by jeffkt2 on Jun 17, 2015
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I'm trying to boot the FMCOMMS1 No-OS reference design from a SD card on a Zedboard. I've verified the application runs just fine if I execute through a SDK run configuration. I've then created a BOOT.BIN image by using the bootimage tool in SDK. I've arrange the following files on there:


1. fmcomms1 fsbl application (.elf)

2. zed hdl design (.bit)

3. fmcomms1 application (.elf)


The application successfully boots, but I see the following message on the serial port:


Running XCOMM Test Program


Initializing XCOMM I2C...

XCOMM Init I2C Failed!


Is there another setting that I'm missing?


Thanks for any help!