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ADuM5010 start-up

Question asked by Robert_s on Jun 17, 2015
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I am considering using IsoPower DCDC converter(s) ADuM5010 in our new project. The application is multi channel (up to 48) isolated sensor interface. We plan to isolate power for each channel using 48x ADuM5010 devices (5V to 5V).

I have two questions related to the ADuM5010 part:
What is the expected start up behaviour of the isolated voltage, i.e. isolated voltage ramp time, monotonicity, overshoot.

2) Since in our application multiple devices would be sourced from the same power supply, should we be concerned about the inrush current? The ADuM5010 datasheet does not mention about any substantial input current during power up, but a soft start circuitry is not mentioned either. The only relevant parameter I can see in the datasheet is "Figure 7 Typical Short-Circuit Input Current" of about 275mA@5V. Should a user expect that input current during the device power up? Is there any issue if the power source limits the available current for the ADuM5010?