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ADV7611 questions

Question asked by mike.baker Employee on Mar 29, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2011 by raymondcarter

What crystal characteristics are required (only frequency and stability over temp are specified unless I missed a section of the spec)? Initial tolerance, aging, Cload, etc.? Any other crystal specs of importance?


Not sure what is expected to be attached to RXA_5V on the 7611. The data sheet description is very vague.


I have the HDMI_HOTPLUG signal (HPA_A/INT2) attached to the core HDMI port, is this correct?


If CEC is not used how should this pin be terminated?


There are a number of ckts on page 1 of the 7611 eval board schematics but no description of their purpose and if or when they are required. Please provide an explanation.


Do any of the digital I/O have internal pull-ups/downs?