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Questions about new Design with I2S Devices

Question asked by mantabernd on Jun 17, 2015
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I'm actually designing a new system based on a ADAU1701 chip.


Now I need to figure out the following things:


- I want to program the ADAU1701 using the SigmaStudio Sotware via the I2C USB Dongle and store the program on a external Eeprom. After selfboot I want to set the master volume and the Input selection via a external System µController.


Is this possible? Can the ADAU1701 act as a I2C master to communicate with the eeprom and accept data from a external controller via I2C?


- Can the ADAU1701 generate a 12.288MHz masterclock or do I need a external clocksource?


Thanks in advance for helping me.

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