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ADP5052 Thermal Shutdown

Question asked by alex.chen on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by Jason_Duan

Hi Sir


The ADP5052 be used in FPGA, design in DSO products,

We to add the hot wind into adp5052,then the adp5052 will shutdown as data sheet mentioned



If the ADP5052 junction temperature exceeds 150°C, the thermal shutdown circuit turns off the IC except for the internal linear regulators. Extreme junction temperatures can be the result of high current operation, poor circuit board design, or high ambient temperature. A 15°C hysteresis is included so that the ADP5052 does not return to operation after thermal shutdown until the on-chip temperature falls below 135°C. When the part exits ther-mal shutdown, a soft start is initiated for each enabled channel.


Below figure show the adp5052 output waveform ,you can see the output cut off about 15ms from ch1 ~ch3,the LDO work correct

the abnormal voltage shutdown ,Result in the DSO reboot

Does the adp5052 work in thermal shutdown mode?

about 20% amount have below issue,

can you help to clarity the temp issue.