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Filter response test - AD9364

Question asked by jinojs on Jun 17, 2015
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We are doing the filter response test in AD9364 using No-OS software.


The configuration is as below:


  • LO frequency is set to 2100MHz.
  • rx and tx bandwidth are set to 5MHz.


From VSG, we are providing signal varying from 2100MHz - 2106MHz and observing the Tx path of AD9364 in VSA.


The observation is:


Output power of signal from Tx port of AD is same as the input power till 2102.5MHz and it starts attenuating beyond this.

Though the output power is lesser than the input power for frequencies beyond 2103MHz, they are still seen with a good power.

Is this expected behaviour?


We repeated the test with 18MHz bandwidth (default setting in No-OS SW) and the observation is very similar. Till 2109MHz, the input and output power are matching and later starts attenuating. But still a good power is observed for those frequencies.


Do we need to fine-tune the filter coefficients for 5MHz to get a proper response?

Will you be able to provide us the updated filter coefficients for 5MHz?

Please check the findings (screen shots) attached for your reference.


Thank you,