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ADE7880: no power and energy values

Question asked by borstel on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by borstel


Im bringing up our energy meter prototype based on ADE7880.

I connected only phase A, voltage and current are measured and scaled right by AVGAIN and AIGAIN. The frequency and ANGLE seems also correct.

AVRMS = 452 ( scaled 45,2V, I use a transformator to work with harmless power on my desc)

AIRMS  = 142

With APGAIN = 0  I expected in AWATT something around 4000. (AVRMS x AIRMS  / 16)

But I get no data from the power, powerfactor and energy registers.

AWATT, AVA are 0 or -1,

AWATTHR counts very seldom.


Any idea?

Is anythere any sourcecode of an example initialisation?

Thanks for hints in advance