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ADE7878  reading zero on different registers by I2C

Question asked by hanskarl on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2018 by jvs_pavan

I'm developing a 3-phase powerline measurement with ADE7878.

Values from ADE7878 are read over I2C by an AVR microcontroller.


Values e.g. angles (register E601, E602, E603) or rms voltages (43C1, 43C3, 43C5)

had been read correctly.


It started one day that angles read (E601, E602, E603) had zero, but voltages read were still correct.

Another day, voltages read were all zero, but the power (E513, ...) was still correct, so internally

the voltage was known.


Looking to the I2C bus, the ADE7878 confirmed the chip-address correctly by ACK and

the data-register address too by ACK. However all data bytes read from ADE 7878 were zero.

So, data traffic on I2C seems to be correct. But I don't understand why on earth it starts sending

zero values.