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BF70x SPORT with External clock

Question asked by fvpetrov on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by SachinV


does BF70x's SPORT need three external clocks after enabling to initialize?


Background: the BF512 needs that - see ADSP BF51x hardware reference Revision 1.2 from February 2013, first paragraph on page 19-30.


Reason: I need to connect an AD7665 on a SPORT, that means external clock and external frame sync; the problem is that AD7665's frame sync is active for the entire clock period, which may cause data scrambling because the ADC's conversion signal is asynchronously generated.

For the BF512 I solved this issue by generating RFS with a GPIO while monitoring ADC's frame signal in software.


Thank you!