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Xtal 28.6363MHz for ADV7180.

Question asked by Tamu on Jun 15, 2015
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I have a question about Xtal 28.6363MHz for ADV7180.


The spec of "Frequency Stability" is max. plus-minus 50ppm on the data sheet.
Xtal "HC-49" is used on your evaluation board.
The spec of HC-49 says "Frequency Tolerance" = plus-minus 30ppm or 50ppm and "Frequency Stability" = plus-minus 50ppm.
So there seems to be two kind of devices. It means "Frequency Tolerance" = plus-minus 30ppm or 50ppm.


Should we use Xtal which "Frequency Tolerance" is plus-minus 30ppm?
Or can we use both of "Frequency Tolerance" plus-minus 30ppm and 50ppm?


Thank you!
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