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AD9889B and Blackfin

Question asked by RichardJ on Mar 29, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2011 by DaveD

I’m considering adding HDMI/DVI output to a Blackfin BF547 EPPI port on design I’m specifying. The end product is for process monitoring, the HDMI will only be used in the lab for development, de-bugging and initial set-up but I have a few niggling concerns.


Has this been done?


Can use the AD9889B / HDMI without a license as the product doesn’t have any HDMI logos or claim compliance, I’ve assumed like USB that I can!


My video source is 8-bit monochrome, 1440x1080 at 25fps that I capture into Blackfin RAM before streaming out. This gives me the ability to form 1920 pixel lines in memory with added dummy Cb and Cr bytes per ‘Y’. By the look of it CEA-861 mode 33 (1920x1080x25) looks a fair bet with one of the 16-bit modes, ideally having embedded SAV, EAV data, any thoughts?


The Blackfin pixel output clock (PPI clock) is limited to a maximum 75MHz.

Am I free to choose a frequency that results in an integer number of blank pixels per line and lines per frame so long as SAV-EAV and fps come out legal values?

Is there a minimum Hblank and Vblank time I must satisfy?