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Doubts in datasheet of HMC794LP3E Eval Schematics

Question asked by R.DURGESH on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by DonY


I Want to use the HMC794LP3E : 2 GHz LOW NOISE PROGRAMMABLE DIVIDER (N = 1 to 4) for Generating 160MHz from 480MHz Input.


In the Eval Board Schematics Mentioned in Page Number 12, A 4:1 Impedance Transformer is used  in Input and Output side. Why a 4:1 Transformer is used?  whether the Input(RFIP and RFIN ) Impedance is 200 ohms?


I want to use in the single ended mode, and on Page No:12 in datasheet the Modifications to be made for single ended use in the Eval Board Schematic has been Mentioned.


In that Put the Jumper on PAD 1 and 2 on T6 Location

           Put the Jumper on PAD 5 and 6 on T6 Location

          Put the Jumper on PAD 2 and 3 on T7 Location

          Put the Jumper on PAD 4 and 6 on T7 Location


But the Transformer T6 and T7 (MABACT0065) has only 5 pins. Where can I Find mention Pad 6 of Transformer T6 and T7? Please clarify.